Branding Bulls & Bourbon

We thought it would be fun to create a logo around our investment club. We hired a couple of logo designers through the Fiverr platform that specialized in minimalistic logo concepts. Fiverr (FVRR) is a platform for digital services that is a part of the "gig-economy" that has accelerated during the pandemic.

As can be seen throughout our website the finalized logo is below:

How did we get here? The designers were asked to create a logo based on the explanation/ description below:

This logo is for an investment club. We will soon build a website and social community to have discussions through video conferencing, message boards, and blogs promoting financial wellness. We discuss different investment topics - stock market, real estate, personal finance, etc. Bulls represents the optimistic long term view of investing. Bourbon represents the social aspect of conversation and community. We would like the logo to incorporate both.

Each designer gave two initial concepts.

Designer 1 - Concept 1:

Designer 1 - Concept 2:

Designer 1 - Revision 1:

Designer 1 - Revision 2:

Designer 2 - Concept 1:

Designer 2 - Concept 2:

All of the members were in agreement and preferred Designer 2's style. We chose concept 1 but requested some modifications because the logo was too "devilish" according to some members. The font chosen by the designer was perfect! The designer tweaked our favorite of the two logos to give additional options:

After some back and forth discussion we concluded that the bourbon bottle and bull combination without eyes was the winner. The designer is from Sri Lanka and was very responsive and took direction well. The final logo was decided to have horns that were tapered.

For anyone looking for digital services like designing a logo, creating a website, or composing a catching jingle for a podcast I strongly recommend the Fiverr platform. The platform reminds me of Etsy but for personalized services instead of personalized goods. Now it's time to get started on merchandise!

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