About Bulls & Bourbon

In August 2020 a group of friends  began to meet virtually via Zoom to discuss financial topics. It wasn’t long before a logo was designed and T-shirts were made. Bulls & Bourbon was officially born.

Bulls & Bourbon is an investment club. We are not experts. We are normal people eager to learn from each other through virtual meetings. The topics discussed range from personal finance to investment approaches to individual stocks. All while drinking responsibly if you choose to partake. 

Bull represents the optimistic view of investing over the long term.

Bourbon represents the community and social aspect of meeting together.

These topics were never fully explained to many of us growing up. Finance is traditionally not discussed openly amongst peers but it drives so much of our behavior.

The collective knowledge when it comes to investing approaches and personal finance is better than any one individual. More information can allow someone to make better financial decisions for their future.

You’re welcome to browse our site to learn more, and if what we’re doing resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.